Honor Harrington and her treecat Nimitz
January 29, 1014

Treecat Wars

This is the third entry in the Young Adult series about Stephanie Harrington and her treecat Lionheart. This is a YA book, so there's a lot of teen angst over things like boys, hobbies, etc.

Stephanie, despite her youth, is active in the Sphinx Forest Service, and is sent from Sphinx to Manticore to take classes in forensics, xenobiology, and related topics. Her boyfriend remains behind on Sphinx, and is thrown into close contact with Stephanie's best friend.

The previous book, Fire Season, which I'm afraid I haven't read yet, deals with a catastrophe when the forests of Sphinx are set on fire. The xenoanthropological tema that was studying treecats in that book has stayed behind. The fires displaced a number of treecats, and that brings two bands of cats into territorial conflict.

One confusing aspect of the book is that the authors switch between human and treecat POV. That's fine, except the humans and the cats refer to things by different names. Stephanie is Death Fang's Bane to the cats, and Lionheart is Climbs Quickly. It gets worse as the humans and the cats multiply.

Aside from the minor reservation about the human/treecat names, which could be resolved with a glossary, or a list of characters at the back, it's fairly decent.

Next up, a book about crime in 19th century England.