A Northrup Grumman Global Hawk in flight
January 15, 2013

Threat Vector

This is the latest from Tom Clancy, and it continues the adventures of Jack Ryan Jr., and the operatives of The Campus, a top secret, off book, agency set up by President Jack Ryan to perform black ops. In this case the enemy is China, and Chinese hackers who have gained the ability to hack into military command software and take control of items such including surveillance drones (the Global Hawk shown above), and the Predator.* As usual with Clancy, particularly the later Clancy, you have a fair amount of political infighting as well as the action that culminates in a final battle.

*The Global Hawk is primarily, if not exclusively, used for surveillance and reconnaisance. The Predator is weaponized.

Clancy may suffer from a bit of xenophobia as regards China and the Far East, but I think he's correct in recognizing that the Chinese are a repressive government, and that they have been engaged in cyber warfare on the US. While some details of the plot may seem absurd, it is worth remembering that it was Clancy who, in Debt of Honor broached the possibility of crashing a plane into a building in an act of terrorism. So he may eventually be a prophet in this regard as well.

Next up will be a more detailed piece about Winston Churchill.