Tau Ceti, in the constellation Cetus (the whale), is 12 light years from earth. A map of the constellation is shown above.
Saturday, March 20, 2010

Tau Ceti Agenda

The Tau Ceti Agenda is the second in Travis Taylor’s trilogy. The action takes place four years after the events of One Day on Mars, and centers on events in the Oort cloud (the home of comets), Tau Ceti, and Disney World on Earth.

There is some interplay of politics, and more details emerge about a conspiracy that was hinted at in the previous book. As usual you can expect the contrast between the craven, poll watching politician, and the principled politician who enters from another, more useful occupation. In this case the hero is the former senator from Mississippi, who before becoming a politician had been a Marine.

There’s the usual high body count, and the usual fast-paced military action. There are signs, however, that Baen has been laying off the editorial staff. There are numerous mistakes, mostly typos, that should have been caught before the book went to press. One problem here is that presses are relying too much on automatic spell-checkers to do the work of proofreaders. Outside of the typos, the book is a satisfying read.