2014 graduation at West Point
August 3, 2014

Support and Defend

Mark Greaney co-authored a number of novels with Tom Clancy. After 9/11 Clancy, I think, pretty much withdrew from writing books, and turned the actual writing over to co-authors, including Greaney. Clancy's novels had started including more political discussion, and were less action oriented than previous novels. With Support and Defend we have a return to the earlier kind of novel.

This is billed as a Campus novel. The Campus is an off-book, private intelligence firm that is authorized by President Ryan to carry out missions that need maximum deniability. Dominic Caruso is one of President Ryan's nephews, and an operative at the Campus. While he is on a training mission with a former Israeli military/intelligence operative, the operative is killed, and Dominic is severely injured.

The op had been carried out by Palestinians as a result of leaked information regarding the boarding of a ship in a "peace flotilla." This parallels events in the real world, and leads into an exploration of the world of leaks. Much of it shows a relationship to Edward Snowden and the NSA leaks. Along the way a portrait is drawn of the leakers, narcissistic, but intellectually mediocre people who believe in their entitlement, and their enablers, what Lenin termed "useful idiots."

It moves along swiftly to a satisfying conclusion. Presumably there will be more Campus novels by Mr. Greaney.

Next up, Kant's Critique of Judgement.