The picture above is a shot of Cunard’s latest and greatest ship the Queen Victoria. My Body Lies Over the Ocean, another in the Sarah Deane series by J. S. Borthwick, is set aboard a fictional, non-Cunard ship also called the Queen Victoria.
Saturday, April 10, 2010

My Body Lies Over the Ocean

The ship is on its maiden voyage from England to the U.S., and there are a series of deaths, including one that occurs before the ship sails, that seem to revolve the members of a trade mission to the United States. Sarah, her husband Alex, and her aunt are onboard, and it falls to Sarah to investigate the linkages between the deaths.

Since this falls into the “cozy” genre, there is no sex to speak of, and the language is generally, but not always polite.

Two of the characters are an Anglican clergyman and an Irish, presumably Roman Catholic, maid. One thing that Borthwick gets right is that while the Anglican considers himself a priest, the Irish maid, who is apparently aware of the Church’s disdain for Anglican orders, which it believes do not follow the line of apostolic succession, refers to him as a “so-called priest.”

If you’re alert you may find that the murderer is telegraphed by inappropriate behavior in the early part of the book.

It’s not available new from Amazon, so there’s no link, but you can find a used copy through them.