Jul 31, 2009

Elaine Elias Dreamer

This is a collection of pop standards by the Brazilian born Elias. I thought the first track, Call Me, was familiar. It comes from the ‘60s, and was a hit for Petulia Clark and Astrud Gilberto. I recall Clark’s version as being brassier.

Elias has a pretty voice, and plays the piano as well. I gather that her discography is largely instrumental, and that it was fairly recently that she started sing along with the piano.

The album suffers from the same fault that afflicted Diana Krall’s Quiet Nights, it’s too smooth, and tends to be bland when it should be exciting. One person over on Amazon complained about the compression of the dynamic range. Apparently this ensures that the singer and the instruments are heard at about the same volume.

The songs are moody, quiet, and reflective. This may be your cup of tea for those moods when you need quiet, reflective music, and you’re just not in the mood for one of Beethoven’s late quartets, such as the fourteenth, Opus 131, in C# minor.

Doralice is somewhat livelier than other tracks on the album, and has a nice bounce to it, even if you don’t understand Portuguese.