Jul 26, 2009

Rosemary Clooney Show Tunes

This CD is out of print, so there’s no Amazon link. (I only get a referral fee for Amazon purchases, so I don’t put up used books, CDs or movies.)

Many of the songs on the CD are old favorites, but the liner notes, unfortunately, and stupidly, do not list the musicals.

I Wish I Were In Love Again, is from Rodgers and Hart, Babes In Arms, and was performed by Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney in both the film version of Babes in Arms and in Words and Music

Manhattan is from the Garrick Gaieties and also appears in the film Words and Music.

Everything I’ve Got, and Guys and Dolls are other favorites.

Clooney is a jazz singer, and during her life got high marks in that regard. The folks who decide these things at iTunes, however, have decided that the album is easy listening. I suppose if you put show tunes in that category it is. As I say, it’s not currently available, so you’ll have to buy other Clooney albums, if you like her.