Jul 28, 2009

Kathleen Battle Sings Mozart

I’ve had Kathleen Battle’s album with Wynton Marsalis for a few years now. I think I’ve got 1 vinyl album by Wynton Marsalis, one of the Standard Time albums. I think his approach to jazz is too intellectual, and has too little emotion. That’s not something that you find in Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, or even Dave Brubeck. These are very smart guys, and you can hear it in their music, but intellect is usually fused with emotion more successfully than it is in the case of Wynton Marsalis. However, his classical music, particularly in the baroque pieces on the second album, over there on the right, is where his intellectual approach works best.

On the present CD, Kathleen Battle sings

Kathleen Battle has a clean, very pure voice, one which conveys the emotion of whatever material she sings. This album is definitely a keeper.