Scene from The Wolfman
November 6, 2011

Monster Hunter

That’s Lon Chaney as the werewolf up above. There’s a big market now for books and movies about werewolves and vampires. So, I thought I’d post a brief note about a fantasy entry from Baen, my favorite publisher of sci-fi and fantasy.

Monster Hunter International is the first in a series, so far three, about a group of heavily armed guys and girls who gather bounties from offing the children of the night. The novel is long, but not a major work of literature by any means, so I’ll keep my comment brief.

The story opens with the protagonist, Owen Zastava Pitt, throwing his boss out a window. Now many, if not most of us, have at one time or another had murderous fantasies about our bosses, so it’s already off to a pretty good start. It turns out that the boss was a werewolf, and that the US government pays bounties on such creatures from a Perpetual Unearthly Forces Fund, or PUFF. A thriving set of corporations have emerged that specialize in monster removal. Naturally, our hero is recruited by one of these corporations Monster Hunter International.

The plot revolves around a number of vampires, and includes elves, orcs, and other creatures from fantasy. There’s also a fair amount of violence.

Not as literary as the Polidori volume, but violent and gory with lots of guns, and all that male stuff.

Next up we go serious and Russian with plays by Pushkin and Chekhov.