Missouri rodeo clown wearing Obama mask.
September 9, 2013

Klowns at War
Back in 2010 I wrote a post Flunking Klown Kollege, and now, as if he's determined to prove that he can sink lower than even my lowest expectations, Obama is ready to go to war. Now I have no objection in principle to his choice of Syria. I pretty much regard the entire Middle East as a sinkhole that we're better off without. A bunch of corrupt kleptocracies, and fanatical enemies of humanity and democracy that have gotten rich because a bunch of diatoms died there a hundred million years ago. However, going to war is a serious business, and while it's fun to play games in which you lob missiles at one another, it's one thing to do it in a $40 game, and another to use million dollar missiles.

During the Bush era you heard people talk about exit strategy, and no doubt they thought they were quite profound, but that's really an incorrect way to think about war. Churchill defined his goal, his exit strategy, as victory. Now that's a bit clearer than going in, creating a muddle, and getting out, which is what exit strategy seems to imply. I'm not going to pretend that I'm a profound student of international affairs. I'm no Henry Kissinger, although I doubt if I'd be as bad as John Kerry or Hilary Clinton. So lets look at why this operation is a bad idea.

Without a clearly articulated goal, and a goal that is properly selected so that a fruitless second or third war does not have to be fought, it is better to do nothing than to just sit back in DC, make brave gestures, and pretend that you are gravely determined while your military does the work, and takes the risks that you are too cowardly to share.
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