Montecristo Tubos.
Saturday, September 15, 2007

A Forbidden Pleasure

No, this isn’t about sex, and the cigars pictured above were not put to Clintonic use.

I never smoked cigarettes, and very rarely used any tobacco products. I did smoke other stuff back in the 60s, and I had a mild flirtation with snuff (powdered tobacco, not dead people) back when I was working on my Masters degree. I smoked cigars every once in a while at work, and outside the house, but I haven’t had one in over 20 years.

My wife went away to visit relatives in Pennsylvania, so I went to one of my favorite wine stores, and bought some supplies for the weekend. I remember I once read an interview with Jack Nicholson in which he mentioned buying Montecristos in Canada and bringing them back to the US. Calvin Linton, one of the deans at George Washington, once told me that he’d seen them in London with the pristine price of £1. So I finally broke down, and bought a Tubos.

There is something relaxing about sitting outside, letting the sun beat down on you while you’re reading, and letting the smoke waft about your head. The smoke was mild, not overwhelmingly robust. I doubt though whether I’ll repeat the experience. Certainly not while my wife is around.