Scene from Dracula
Sunday, April 17, 2011


As you can probably figure out from the picture this one is about vampires. The book is Fangs for the Mammaries, a collection of suburban supernatural fantasy stories. The stories are uniformly humorous, and to some extent satirize the goth/vampire trend in current teen lit. I won’t try to provide summaries, or criticism of all of the stories, but will just mention some that I particularly liked.

Overbite by Jody Lynn Nye is a tale of teen angst and dentistry. The teenagers in question are students at Elizabeth Bathory High School. Countess Bathory was a fascinating wench, but not one to meet without a Glock at the ready.

If Music be the Food of Love by Dave Freer is about a teenage vampire who has a fixation on a DJ. Frank Stine also makes an appearance.

Tecate for Hecate by Kevin Andrew Murphy is the third story in what is so far a trilogy that has been spread across the other two volumes in the anthology series. It has a version of 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall in what is supposed to be Latin. (Alison, who has a Ph. D. in Classics and did her dissertation on Seneca informs me that it’s not very good Latin, but still.)

Miss White-Hand’s Class Goes Shopping by K. D. Wentworth features a class of teenage girl vampires on a shopping expedition. After all, even the teen vampire needs to be socialized and learn to get along with those engaged in an alternate life-style.

Most of the stories explore this vein of humor. It’s fast, light reading, and the stories are fast paced enough that they’ll take your mind off just about anything, even a root canal. I speak from personal experience on that point. I read two or three while I was sitting in the dentist’s chair getting a root canal.

Next up is Arrian on Alexander the Great.