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August 26, 2012

War Maid's Choice

This is the latest in a fantasy series from David Weber. Previous volumes have detailed a war between forces of darkness and forces of light. Each of these forces has a number of gods that have various attributes, for example Tomanak is the god of war, much like the Roman Mars or the Greek Ares. Unlike the classical gods Tomanak is neither boastful nor lecherous.

Weber has created a version of the Manichean universe in which good and evil struggle, and the outcome is in doubt until the final showdown.

Theology aside, what most readers care about is the story. The plot is relatively simple, and revolves around Bahzell's relationship with Leeana, the War Maid of the title. Other plots involve the building of a canal, and the machinations of the dark gods and their evil wizards. Much of the story, and this is a fault that is starting to show up in the Honorverse series as well, is taken up with lengthy discussions and back story before going into the climactic battle.

It's not as good as previous efforts in the series, but it is entertaining, and will help you while away the hours.

Next up, is a series of books that are supposed to be Utopias, or early poli-sci books, culminating in a supposedly new series of letters among Erasmus, Thomas More, and Machiavelli.