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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cause Im the Taxman

“Should five percent appear too small, be thankful I don’t take it all,” thus sang the Beatles back around 1966. (The remastered Beatles albums, including Revolver, with Taxman on it, come September 9.) Now comes word that our president, in order to finance national health care, wants to impose a national sales tax of as much as 25%. The top 3 results from Google for “Obama national sales tax” yield a brief article from The Atlantic, one from The Washington Post, and one from Foxnews.

All of this is predicated on the assumption that we will have an Obama designed health care system, whether we need it or not, and whether we want it or not, and that every function of every government agency is sacrosanct and cannot be touched.

Why not try not instituting national health care until the economy recovers? For now, lets make some cuts in the budget. Start with Agriculture. Go back to nothing but county agents providing assistance to farmers. 2009 Budget for Rural Assistance is 2.1 billion. Get rid of the rest, savings of 92 billion. Department of Education, get rid of it, savings of 59 billion. HUD, cut it, get rid of useless programs. HHS has current outlays of 736 billion. Gut it.

Sell assets. I’m not sure if the USPS is still on the books, or what their real estate is worth, but sell it off and privatize it. The real estate for each post office should bring in a tidy sum.

Cut taxes to let people have more of their money, and this will stimulate the economy. Remove federal payments from the medical sector, and price deflation in the sector may well occur.

Remove CAFE restrictions on the automakers. GM and Chrysler went bust in large part because of federal level meddling to achieve political goals. Nobody wanted to buy the green cars; they wanted trucks and SUVs, and government regulation led to the mess in the auto industry.

Renegotiate the UAW contracts so that they are comparable to what workers in Kentucky and other right-to-work states make.

On the state and local level, cut services, privatize where possible, sell off non-performing assets, and cut taxes.

That is how you have a vibrant economy that will provide the goods and services that people want, not those a false messiah thinks they should have.