David Weber at a Con
Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Rising Thunder

David Weber, shown at a recent con above, has pushed the Honorverse story in a new direction. In his latest effort the war between the Kingdom of Manticore (Manties) and the Republic of Haven (Peeps), has ended. The former enemies realize that they have both been manipulated by what is termed the Mesan Alignment, and that the manipulation has extended to the Solarian League.

Weber has made this the prologue to what may well be another multi-volume epic struggle. So he spends a considerable amount of time describing the political situation. He usually has one big battle with multiple megadeaths at the end but preceded by several smaller battles. Here his major battle occurs in the middle of the book, and the end is reported in a few sentences. This may disappoint some readers who want “less talk, and a lot more action.”

If it’s realized that the book is a preliminary effort in the war against Mesa it’s okay. It’s not Weber at his best, but it’s still better than most of what makes the NY Times best seller list.

Next up, a book about one of my favorite blondes, Jean Harlow.