Tuesday, October 9, 2007

John Ringo A Deeper Blue

John Ringo is one of my favorite sci-fi authors. His particular genre is what is usually termed military sci-fi. His Paladin of Shadows series, of which A Deeper Blue is the fifth installment, doesn’t have the science-fiction aspect, and has heavy doses of eroticism, which may disturb some people.

In this installment his plot hinges on the use of nerve gas in a terrorist plot against the US. One of Ringo’s virtues is that he recognizes that terrorism is a continuing and ongoing threat, and he recognizes the absurdity of our politically correct refusal to profile. There are at least two instances, one towards the beginning, and the other towards the end, where there are nasty comments about our refusal to recognize the role of young Middle-Eastern males in performing terrorist attacks. So we have gerontophiliac TSA agents strip searching grannies while ignoring the YMEMs who are most likely to be terrorists.

He has one scene, involving the torture of a terrorist, that while illegal, and likely to set tongues wagging, is highly satisfying.

As escapist literature the book is highly satisfying, and its political incorrectness is a definite plus.

Picture of John Ringo from Other Change of Hobbit.