Saturday, February 4, 2006

The Original Introduction

The black and white picture up above? C’est moi in my younger, more radical days. notice the large amount of hair, now definitely going. The stance of the young radical, and the poverty stricken look of the typical grad student. Thank God, I grew out of that, even if in the process I grew out of my clothes. The young lady with the lamp growing out of her head, and who really hates that picture? My wife.

The stuff that is here at present is stuff that I did just before and shortly after 9/11. It is my personal viewpoint and should not be taken to represent the viewpoint of any church, religious body, organization or person. Given that this was written several years ago it may not even represent I think and believe.

I don’t really have the dates for these pieces. The forgiveness entry is one long piece. The entries on evil were originally one long piece, but I broke them up for this blog.

UPDATE: When I started doing this with iWeb I got a little confused because the software was unfamiliar, and the material that’s here was supposed to be the first thing people saw. I’ve gotten a bit more familiar with iWeb, but rather than trying to move things around, I’ve just decided to leave them more or less where they are. So the proper intro is now the one with the picture of the Jurassic formation, and this is just another entry in the blog.

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