Jul 23, 2009

Saffire Broad Casting

Saffire—The Uppity Blues Women is a group of female vocalists. Their primary shtick is that they’re a feminist group that sings about things that supposedly concern women.

One Hour Mama is a complaint about a minute man. Not the patriotic variety, the kind that has no stamina and who is the staple of female putdowns on sitcoms.

OBG Why Me Blues is about gynecology.

It’s Alright For a Man to Cry purports to give men license to cry.

You may find some of the material offensive, particularly songs like Shake the Dew Off the Lily, which is suited for the urologist’s office. Update February 23, 2014—My recollection is that I hated this album so much that I've decided not to put up the Amazon link to it.