Georgetown, Guyana
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Countdown: M Day

That’s Georgetown, Guyana up above. Most of the action in this novel takes place in Guyana and Venezuela. The action apparently takes place four years after the first in the series. While he’s not named explicitly, it is evident that Barack Obama still reigns in the US. The price of gas has reached $9.00 a gallon, Europe is dying, and Hugo Chavez is still around, and still a menace.

In order to gain political points at home Hugo decides to liberate Guyana, and as part of the deal to take out the mercenary camp that belongs to Wes Stauer and the regiment.

Most of the book, and this is pretty standard with military SF, consists of the preparation for the final battle. As usual with Ringo, Weber, and others in the Baen stable of authors you’ll find that there are characters that you like or just sympathize with, on both sides, and a good many of those are killed off.

Kratman includes a note about the geography of Guyana, and mentions that it may not be totally accurate. I’m someone who can’t find his way around in Maryland, or outside of the areas in VA and DC that I’ve lived in, so I’m not too concerned about his geography mistakes. Heck, I once said something to a girl about Puget Sound being in New York. I misplaced the darn thing by a whole continent.

Next up. I’m going to get serious for a bit, and do Aristotle’s Eudemian Ethics, and I hope to follow that with Boswell’s Life of Johnson.