That’s Ross 128, a star about 11 light years away in the constellation of Virgo.
Friday, July 23, 2010

One Good Soldier

Travis Taylor’s One Good Soldier is a sequel to One Day on Mars, and The Tau Ceti Agenda, both of which we’ve commented on previously. The action takes place 6 years after the The Tau Ceti Agenda, and covers Earth, the Oort cloud, where the comets play, Tau Ceti, and Ross 128. Like the previous two books the action takes place over one day.

About one third of the book is devoted to a training exercise that re-introduces us to the characters from the previous two books. Once the the first daughter, Dee Moore, is abducted and Ross 128 declares its independence things begin to heat up. The remainder of the book is fairly standard military sci-fi, though there is a surprise twist at the end.

Next up Operation Mincemeat, a history of the WW II deception operation that is commemorated in the book and movie The Man Who Never Was.