John Ringo.
Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eye of the Storm

This is another in John Ringo’s Legacy of the Aldenata series about the Posleen war and its aftermath. It’s set about five years after the events of Honor of the Clan, and centers on a new conflict involving new species, the Hedren, the Imeg, and others. Characters from the collaborations with Tom Kratman, Watch on the Rhine and Yellow Eyes, make appearances again.

A troubling note, and I think I noted this in my post on Watch on the Rhine, is that the Waffen SS is revived. The authors argue that most of the Waffen SS was military, and not an instrument for the Holocaust or Shoah. Units within the Waffen SS that were part of war crimes are not among the units that are revived in the novels, and the authors go out of their way to paint a non-anti-semitic portrait of this future Waffen SS. I’m not really enough of an expert on the Waffen SS or even the SS to have a valid opinion on this one way or the other. The little I know is that they were tough fighters, and were feared by Allied soldiers. There is an article on Wikipedia about the Waffen SS. The Waffen SS was declared a criminal organization at Nuremberg because it had a close association with the Nazi party. Individual units and commanders seem to have been responsible for, or involved in, some war crimes. Other units and commanders apparently were not. As I’ve said the author(s) in both Watch on the Rhine and Eye of the Storm go to great pains to remove any anti-semitic stigma from their revived version. Whether they were successful or not is up to the individual reader to judge.

On a bloodier note, there is a Ringoesque high body count, and he seems to be preparing for a return of the Posleen, possibly as allies of Earth.