Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dragons Ring

Okay, shoot me. I like dragons. The Chinese dragon is more of a snake, and not a winged lizard as he is in the West. In this case we’re dealing not with dragons on earth, but in a land known as Tasmarin. This is described on the dust jacket as a place where “dragons can be dragons and humans can be dinner.” So there is some human munching going on from time to time.

Fionn/Finn is a black dragon who has decided to destroy Tasmarin, and Meb is a human mage who falls in with him. Meb, however, is unaware of her power and only gradually learns of it from Finn. Finn is opposed by other beings who want to preserve Tasmarin as it is. So you start out thinking that Finn is the bad guy and the ones who want to preserve Tasmarin are the good guys. It’s more complicated than that though. There are some in the dragon community who want to use Meb to preserve the place, but then munch her for lunch.

We have a quest to obtain various magical items and return them to their rightful owners, and we also have what turns into a tender and touching romance of girl and dragon.

The worst problem of the book is that Freer has set us up for additional books to follow, so those of us who are getting up there have to wonder if we’ll go before he finishes, and we’ll be left hanging there wondering how it all ended.