Monday, January 3, 2011


The picture above is the citadel of Malta. The book under discussion is John Ringo’s Citadel. This is the second in a trilogy that began with Live Free or Die. Again the conflict centers around a war with space aliens. The setting is some years after Live Free, and the Obama like president of the first book has been replaced by a more competent leader. The citadel in question is the Troy, a 2.2 trillion ton base.

The nations of earth are still as fractious as ever, and the UN is still as useless as ever. When it becomes evident that there will be an interstellar war some nations, such as France, expect the US to defend them while making no contribution to the war effort. Ringo solves this problem by having the Anglosphere nations, the U. S., Britain, Canada, Australia, and some other form an alliance. The member nations are guaranteed defense. Those who are not members, well, they’ll be defended, but they’re not top priority for the allocation of resources.

The body count is only in the mega-millions, one or two cities, as opposed to the multi-billion destroyer of worlds that Ringo can be.

Next up The Myth of the Robber Barons.