Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bad Catholics Redux

The picture shows an absinthe drinker being visited by a green fairy. Absinthe is known as “the green fairy” because it turns green when diluted with water. It was reputed to cause madness, and has been illegal for a number of years. It has recently been restored to legality, and you can buy it in many stores. If you’re in Virginia, you can buy a bottle of Lucid at your local ABC store. You can also find it here and here. Since we’re talking about the second in a series of Bad Catholics’ guides, and absinthe is the first entry, and I’m particularly prone to the fleshly sins of gluttony, which includes drunkenness, and lechery, the image seemed appropriate.

Three quick notes: 1). Gluttony includes drunkenness, but other than one disreputable episode in my collegiate career I haven’t been passing out drunk. 2). Central Liquours, the third link up above, sells a Pernod Absinthe that comes in at 62% or 124 proof. Use that with caution. 3). I haven’t tried absinthe, which is pretty expensive, yet. When I do, I’ll blog about it in the lifestyle area of this site.

So just what does absinthe have to do with Catholicism? It’s made with wormwood, the bitter herb mentioned in Revelations, a.k.a The Apocalypse. The authors, in the spirit of the previous book in the series, have been good enough to include a recipe for Absinthe Apocalypsicles.

Mix together 2 cups of orange juice and 1/4 cup of absinthe. Freeze in popsicle trays and enjoy.

I’m not going to read this one straight through. I’ll be doing a little bit periodically, so bookmark this and check back periodically.