January 2, 2015

Call to Duty

David Weber has decided to extend the Honorverse franchise and go back to the beginnings of the Star Kingdom, and the RMN. He's helped in this endeavor by Timothy Zahn, who wrote sequels to the Star Wars movies, and Tom Pope.

Travis Long is a teenager who is at a loss for what to do with himself. He nearly avoids involvement in a robbery, and enlists in the RMN. At the same time there is political intrigue involving attempts to gut the RMN, and turn its functions over to MPARS. Travis' half-brother is a baron, and a minor member of the House of Lords. There is some political intrigue, which has become standard in Weber's books, but it's not overwhelming.

The plot covers the first five years or so that Travis spends in the service, from his time in boot camp to the final mission in the book, which is a confrontation with a pirate who is attempting to hijack two warships.

The book sets up much of what will follow in the later books, the initial friendship with Haven, which will turn to bitter war 3 or 4 centuries later, and the discovery of the wormhole junction. Later books will probably deal with the exploitation of the wormhole, and most certainly will deal with the development of the RMN.

This a fairly typical Weber, and like most of his books is fast reading, and entertaining.

Next up, Three Early Stories by J. D. Salinger.

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