Aug 24, 2009
You Belong to Me

This has two features that are outstanding. It is one of the worst and silliest movies ever made, and it is proof that HUAC was right to investigate Communist influence in Hollywood.

The script is based on a story by Dalton Trumbo, and as we’ve seen before that is almost a sure sign that there is some Marxist doctrine concealed within the film. The plot revolves around Henry Fonda’s character, a M.I.R.C. (Member of the Idle Rich Class) as GBS described the hero of Man and Superman, and a lady doctor played by Barbara Stanwyck.

Fonda falls for Stanwyck, and marries her. He winds up becoming jealous of her and her male patients. She winds up giving up her practice, and discharging her nurse/attendant. Fonda, who has been living an idle life, tries employment in a department store. He is discharged when the union finds out that he is worth $10 million, maybe about $300 million in current dollars, The grounds for his dismissal are that he is taking a position from someone who really needs it. Fonda eventually decides to buy a hospital that is losing money, and put Stanwyck in charge of it. They realize that eventually they will be poor, and become hysterically happy at the thought of their forthcoming poverty.

Note that while these two miserable wretches are becoming poor they are also impoverishing the nurse, and the servants who have been loyal to Fonda for these many years.

A proper ending would have been for Fonda to realize his uselessness, and go back to school to study law, or medicine, or devote his talents to inventing something, or anything that would actually have increased prosperity and happiness.

This is not available on DVD.