Nov 23, 2008
Quantum of Solace

I got a comment from my son, who is 38, and really should know better, that all I wrote about is films and books from the Dark Ages.

Quantum of Solace came out last week so it is hardly a dark age film. I think most people look for a number of elements in a Bond film, so I’ll try to list them, and see how QoS stacks up.

  1. Title. Most of the Bond films have moderately sexy title sequences. Casino Royale’s title sequence was not terribly interesting. This one was somewhat better, though not as sexy as the one for The Spy Who Loved Me.
  2. Song. This one ranked with Madonna’s as one of the worst theme songs.
  3. Action. It starts off strong with a chase scene. The editing gives us quick, choppy shots, as opposed to longer shots. It’s okay if you like that style of editing.
  4. Bond girls. Eye candy for guys. There’s always been some comment about Bond’s fondness for the ladies, and yes he does manage to have about one affair, or relationship per book or per movie. Yet he’s no more prone to casual catting around than say Travis McGee who has a different girl in most of his 21 books. Bond has a relationship with one girl, but the one who should be his main squeeze is the one he never gets around to. Both girls are pretty, though not as spectacular as some of the previous girls (Ursula Andress, Honor Blackman, Halle Berry, among others).
  5. Gadgets. Not too many. They may come in later movies.
  6. Plot. The books, and the early movies generally had better plots. This one centers on a phony environmentalist who wishes to control the water supply in Bolivia. He is also going to implement a revolution in Bolivia. I think it would have been better to make up a country. The little I know about Bolivia is that it’s led by Evo Morales, a little creep of a guy who has a haircut that only Moe Howard (of The Three Stooges) would like.
  7. Violence. A little bit of the old ultra-violence as they say in A Clockwork Orange. There’s a relatively decent level of violence here. Nice explosions and stuff.
  8. Q. He’s missing, as is Moneypenny.

Overall it’s a decent continuation of Casino Royale, and it’s worth seeing.