Jul 27, 2008
The Gay Divorcee

It seems that I’ve been watching a lot of Ginger Rogers lately. I’ve been clearing out some of the older movies on the DVR, but this is actually from last week.

The opening number, Don’t Let it Bother You, is reminiscent of some of Busby Berkeley’s work, and the long number towards the end, The Continental, is definitely evocative of Berkeley’s musicals. I don’t find a choreographic credit listed though, so I can’t identify him.

The plot is, as seems to pretty true of most of the Astaire/Rogers films, pretty trivial and non-sensical. The interaction between Alice Brady and Edward Everett Horton is irritating in the extreme. Watch the dancing, and skip the plot. Just fast forward past all the dialog, and concentrate on the dancing.

By the way, Ginger Rogers does not do everything Fred Astaire does. Watch carefully. She does have different footwork.