Aug 21, 2008

B. F.s Daughter

This is a 1948 film with Van Heflin and Barbara Stanwyck (shown above in a very early picture). Stanwyck plays the daughter of an industrialist who falls in love with a professor of economics at Columbia University in 1932. So the marriage is off to a rocky start already. The man already has two strikes against him. (Economics, Columbia.) She uses her father’s money to help him get a career as a lecturer/writer started. Eight years into their marriage she buys a house. Not just a small house in a nice suburb, but a mansion. When the husband finds out, and finds out that she covertly helped him start his career, he gets upset and walks out.

Keenan Wynn has a part as the best friend,a left wing radio commentator who somehow manages to get everything wrong. He serves as a foil to Heflin’s intellectual, who also gets everything wrong, but who ultimately comes to see that he has been wrong about many things.

Charles Coburn, as B. F., portrays a man who has built his company from nothing, and who realizes that his creative act has in fact benefitted the workers. Something that the intellectual economics professor is slow to realize.

Interesting as a film that shows capitalism in a good light.