Jan 4, 2009

Theodora Goes Wild

Irene Dunne is fooling with Melvyn Douglas’ hair. For some reason a line about her character, Theodora Lynn, never being called baby kept running through my mind this morning, when I should have been attending to weightier things. It wasn’t till just before Communion that I remembered the movie the line was from.

This is a screwball comedy in which Dunne plays a small town girl, Theodora Lynn, who has written what is, for the time (1936), a racy novel under the name of Caroline Adams. There is some satire of small town narrow mindedness, and meanness, but I don’t think its mean-spirited such as you might see today.

There’s an interesting sequence in which the women of the town are gossiping, and shots of cats are interspersed. There’s also a great scene at the end featuring a baby.

Not bad if you like screwball comedy. If you’re like my wife, and don’t like comedies from the 30s and 40s, you won’t like this one either.