Aug 7, 2008

The Sea Hawk

The ever lovely Brenda Marshall, shown above, costarred with Errol Flynn in this movie. It premiered in July 1940, subsequent to the French defeat and the evacuation at Dunkerque. While an Elizabethan swashbuckler, with Flynn playing an English sea dog, it is also a bit of a propaganda film. Philip II has plans for ultimate world domination, and only England opposes him. So he’s something of a stand-in for Hitler. Elizabeth I in the film is depicted as being interested in using soft power, diplomacy, to control Philip, while some of her ministers want to strengthen the fleet to confront Philip’s armada. So they fall into the hard power category. Ultimately Elizabeth finds the money for the fleet, and gives a speech about the need for the royal navy.

Flynn does a good job of swashing those buckles, and it is entertaining.