Nov 10, 2008
The Cheyenne Social Club

The picture above shows Jimmy Stewart sometime after he has learned the nature of the socializing that takes place at the Social Club. He costars with Henry Fonda, who actually sings a bit, and Shirley Jones. The movie is a fairly light hearted romp set in Wyoming in 1867, and is worth watching for Stewart, Fonda, and Jones.

It does raise an interesting problem though. Stewart is a moral man, and when he discovers the nature of the club, he resolves to close it down. This does not go over too well with the girls who are to be thrown out of work. It does raise an interesting problem though. If you inherit a business that is involved in what you consider immoral work, what do you do. Now since the business isn’t Murder Inc., or something illegal (at the time), he has to consider his employees. Once he took possession of the business he took on responsibilities for the employees too, so he had to provide an alternate way for them to earn a living, Simply turning them out, which is what he tries to do, is not truly moral.

The movie never deals with this issue, but it is something that came to my mind as I watched it.