Yet another BSG pic. Tricia Helfer looking hot in red.
Saturday, April 5, 2008

Battlestar Galactica Season 4

April 5, 2008 He that Believeth in Me—Starbuck returns and believes that she has been gone 6 hours, while everyone else thinks she’s been gone two months. Finally, something that almost makes sense. If she was actually traveling at light speed, c, she would experience time dilation, and her clock and the Galactica’s clock would be out of sync. Even though the Colonial fleet refers to FTL drives, they don’t travel at a constant FTL speed. They make jumps, and then travel at sub-light speeds through space till they make the next jump, so they may be able to keep their clocks synchronized that way. If Starbuck is traveling at a constant trans-light speed relative to Galactica that might account for the difference. This raises the question though of whether or not they’ve got the equivalent of a theory of relativity that explains the effect of speed on time. If they do, why isn’t it brought up?

Anders and a Cylon raider make eye contact in space. How is this possible? They are traveling at high speed, one is enclosed in two layers of refractive plastic, and the other in one, and they are separated by a distance of several hundred feet to several miles, and they make eye contact?

Baltar as a religious figure? I hope not. I keep on hoping he’ll die the traitor’s death that he deserves.

Six of One—What is bothersome in this episode is the feeling that the writers/producers decided that the most humiliating thing they could do to Starbuck was to put her on a garbage scow, or a sewage processing ship. Now a lot of writers, and I think this is true of the BSG team, have this attitude that words are magic. Say a word, and the thing appears. Writers who are conscientious about working out their fictional world know that there are certain relationships that even if they are never explicitly mentioned are there in the background. Lets take that sewage ship. You've got a fleet of ships traveling through space, and the humans are producing garbage, and filling tanks with urine and feces. That has to be taken care of. Now on a ship during the days of sail, and to some extent today, ships dump the waste and garbage overboard. We can't have that in our neat Galactica world, so the logical thing would be for waste and garbage to be processed, recycled, intraship. The production team decided that they wanted to humiliate Starbuck, so they went with the sewage ship. This means that each ship is equipped with the space equivalent of septic tanks. So how is the sewage handled? We live in a rural area, so we have a septic tank, and we have to call and have some guy come and suck it out, and then he takes it to a sewage plant. Do the starships call some guy to come and suck out their sewage, or does the sewage ship just sidle up and suck it all out? This has the air of a bunch of guys with no real idea of what's going on in the world they've created, and just making things up as they go along.

Oh, and why oh why has nobody screamed “Time dilation,” and launched into a discussion of relativistic effects at near light speed?