Banquo and his descendants at the Macbeth's dinner party.
Monday, January 3, 2011

Banquos Ghosts

The picture above shows Banquo and his ghostly descendants at Macbeth’s dinner party. The book under consideration is Banquo’s Ghosts by Rich Lowry and Keith Korman.

This is a spy thriller in which a middle aged drunk and journalist is recruited to act as an agent for the CIA. So it sounds a bit like Le Carre or Graham Greene. While the two Brits have more or less leftist agendas Lowry and Korman tilt more to the right.

The plot centers around an attempt to kill a nuclear scientist who is working on the Iranian bomb. When the plot goes awry the journalist, Robert Johnson, is captured and tortured, but manages to escape. Upon his return his failed attempt brings bitter fruit that involves a threat to New York and the kidnapping of his daughter.

There is some humor in the novel, such as this passage:

“’This? This is the plan?’ Johnson had hitched a ride, now crouched in a corner of the Hung Fat van sitting in the semidarkness next to Jordan the Technician, who smelled vaguely of Bonomo’s banana Turkish taffy, Slim Jims, and Lay’s Rancho potato chips, which seemed to cover all the food groups as far as the man was concerned.”

There are also some recognizable characters from the real world of politics and journalism. Neville Poore=Frank Rich. The Crusader=The Nation. There are others as well.

Good for a skewering of the liberal elite and the Washington incompetents.

Next up is The War That Killed Achilles.