Legos and Battlestar Galactica.
Nov 25, 2007

Battlestar Galactica

I’ve watched the first two seasons of this on DVD, and I watched Razor on Saturday. I haven’t been impressed. My objections to it:

  1. They have FTL, but they are still using nukes. A kinetic energy weapon traveling at 10% of c would be as devastating as nukes, and not leave any nasty fallout that destroys the environment for years. A single kinetic weapon at c would wreak havoc on the entire planet.

  2. No cure for cancer. Come on, if their physics is so advanced, why is their medicine lagging behind.

  3. Personal sidearms are 20th century guns. Same objection.

  4. No subordination of military to civilian authority. We’ve had that worked out in the US for 230 years or more.

  5. Adama should have been executed for treason.

  6. The Lords of Kobol? A nearly defunct computer language? Although Wikipedia notes that Kobol is really a stand-in for Kolob, which is a Mormon thing.

  7. Condones murder (in Razor). US officers pulling the same stuff would be tried by courts-martial.

  8. Military leadership seems sadly lacking. Would anyone really follow any of these guys into battle?

  9. Their computer science is flaky. Adama won’t allow the ships computers to be networked because the Cylons can penetrate networks??? This might be plausible if they only use wireless networking technology, but networks were originally hardwired. Couldn’t they use the equivalent of CAT-5 cables? Networks can only be penetrated from the outside, if there is an opening to the outside. A hardwired network with no connection to a router that makes an outside connection should be vulnerable only to an inside job.

  10. There doesn’t really seem to be a well worked science fictional world here.

I’m sorry, I’ll probably get the Season 3 DVD for the rest of the family, but I think this is vastly over-rated.