Friday, May 30, 2008

Andromeda Strain

The latest version, a 4 hour miniseries, is so wretched that it doesn’t get a picture or a link. Problems with the adaptation:

  1. This was a short book, and would not sustain a 4 hour miniseries, so it was padded with elements not in the book.
  2. The journalist was a drug addicted idiot. How does some college punk, who has never been outside of a big city, outwit trained soldiers? How does this college punk manage to survive in a desert?
  3. The military as conspirators against the civilian government. This doesn’t square with any of the military guys that I know. It’s a bit of overdone left-wing nonsense.
  4. The politically correct casting. One black woman, a gay, etc. Crichton’s people were WASPs.
  5. A disease that affects mammals also affects plants, and causes the vegetation to change color?
  6. The disease spreads so fast that you can see fields change color as you stand in the middle.
  7. The cure revives the dead vegetation.
  8. A guy manages to throw a thumb up in a straight vertical.
  9. The epileptic attack came at the wrong moment. In the book it came at a better point in the plot.

If you’re like me, and you actually watched this drivel, I hope you had it on Tivo or DVR so that you could cut down the time you wasted.