What did you expect in a post about the fall season?
Saturday, October 6, 2007

2007 Fall Season

Desperate Housewives—The season opener was ridiculous. There was no reason for Lynette to hide that she was being treated for cancer, and Bree’s fake pregnancy was ludicrous. Eventually the show’s writers seemed to realize that, and had some characters comment on it. Using Bree to slander Republicans simply shows that the writers need to get out of Hollywood, and meet some actual suburbanites and some Republicans.

Cold Case—This has always been one of the politically correct shows. A recent episode had the members of a chastity club as repressed, uptight individuals incapable of coming to terms with their libidinous urges. The vic, a high school slut, who is trying to reform, is the good person who is tolerant of gays, etc. The final sign of her goodness is a note that says God loves her for who she is. That is decidedly non-biblical. Paul says in Romans that God loves us despite the fact that we are in sin. In other words, God loves us despite who we are. This is another series that has writers who need to get out and meet some real people.

Chuck—I can live with the premise that Chuck gets all these secrets downloaded into his brain. What I can’t accept is the premise that the CIA and NSA are engaged in a shooting war with each other.

Big Bang Theory—The girl is a babe. The short roommate is not too annoying. The taller roommate fails to project a nerdish heterosexuality. The laugh track is too raucous.

Reaper—The theology is bad. Once you accept the concept though it’s passable. Question: If the reaper is sending bad guys back to hell, isn’t he really doing the Lord’s work? In the prayer to St. Michael we ask that he send to hell the devil and all the evil spirits who wander the world seeking the destruction of souls.

Cane—A South Florida Dallas. Not bad.

The Unit—The CIA in fight with Delta Force? An ocean burial site for bad guys? C’mon, I may be naive, but I don’t believe that kind of stuff really happens. I should add though that as a founding member of the HSP (Happy Shark Party), I’ve got no problem with emptying Guantanamo by putting the bad guys in a cargo container, taking it to shark infested waters, and opening it up.

Criminal Minds—Is it just me, or does Thomas Gibson strike anyone else as a dull, colorless, totally non-charismatic person?

Private Practice—Not as good as Grey’s Anatomy, but still watchable. The only really sane person in the cast is the Tim Daly character. Amy Brenneman’s shrink is, naturally, the craziest member of the cast.

CSI: Vegas—Okay, that’s not the official title, but I also call it CSI: Classic. It’s as good a way as any to keep track of the three shows. Sara’s character always struck me as flat and colorless. Frankly, she’s the Thomas Gibson of the CSI shows. I won’t miss her if she’s leaving the show.

Bionic Woman—Two babes as bionic women. What more can you say?

Pushing Daisies—A sweet show. That may be the kiss of death for it. It’s apparently a favorite with the critics.

Big Shots—My wife watched the premiere, and won’t watch anymore. It’s funny, and sometimes a bit immature. Tolerable if you like glitz.

Dirty Sexy Money—Not tolerable. Seems to be another show that slanders people of faith.

Journeyman—A very inferior knockoff of Quantum Leap. Kevin McKidd is probably a better actor than Scott Bakula, but he’s got a silly premise to deal with.

Moonlight—The premise has been used before, notably in Forever Knight, and a similar premise can be found in some fantasy/horror books. The main cast members are appealing. Worth watching.

Numb3rs—I like the nerdy aspect of the show, and I like the romance between the two mathematicians. Larry went into space last season, and then came back and went into a monastery. Last season they weren’t specific, so I thought of a Benedictine/Franciscan/Carmelite/etc monastery. This season it’s revealed that he’s staying at a Buddhist monastery. Come on guys, get out and do a little research. I’m sure there are Catholic monasteries in LA. (In fact there’s a bunch of Dominican nuns in Hollywood. They come up first when you Google “monastery los angeles.”)